Torchon Base

All the materials used are of the highest quality. The common denominator is natural wood, including particularly beautiful, classy, flexible olive.

Sizes available

11.5 cm X 11.5 cm X H 26cm




The fragrances come in two different concentrations of essences PLATINUM and GOLD, to suit olfactory needs of varyins intensity, with wellbeing as the final goal.


A warm sensual fragrance for a pleasant romantic mood. Its notes of vanilla melt hearts in a sweet embrace. 


A brilliant fragrance that recalls lively soft fruits, for a broad ethereal olfactory blend. Its colourful notes end in a flourish with an elegant hint of Mexican orchid. 


A fragrance with a complex character, robust yet extremely refined. Like a wine, it gives best results when decanted to delight the nose with its spicy notes, warm and enveloping. 


A fragrance with a spicy flavour that recalls the Orient, together with its colours, odours and magic; all blending in mystical sweet bottom notes.


A fragrance as fresh and delicate as spring showers. Its floral and fruity notes cheer the nose, dissolving slowly to make way for a light dew.


A harmonious essence, its refined white notes exude peace and serenity, blooming into a sweet rose fragrance that releases all its beauty.


OL250GOLD / OL250P
16,00€ - 24,00€

OL500GOLD / OL500P
24,00€ - 32,00€

OL1000GOLD / OL1000P
38,00€ - 54,00€


OL124PROV - 5,00€


0L127SASSI12 - 6,00€

OL127SASSI14 - 6,00€

OL127SASSI10 - 6,00€

OL127SASSI16 - 6,00€

OL126SECCO22 - 6,00€

OL126SECCO16 - 6,00€

OL126SECCO14 - 6,00€

OL126SECCO12 - 6,00€

OL126SECCO18 - 3,00€

OL126SECCO10 - 6,00€

OL131LEGNO10 - 6,00€

OL131LEGNO12 - 6,00€

OL127CUORE - 9,00€

VAT is not included

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